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Skipping Breakfast

Eating breakfast replenishes our blood sugar and give us the vitamins and nutrients we need for the day ahead[1]. Without our morning fuel, our bodies have no energy and our brains will find it hard to focus throughout the day. Skipping breakfast may also cause you to put on weight as although you might not be hungry at the time, the mid-morning hunger pangs could have you reaching for unhealthy, high calorie snacks.

Quickly Eating Down Lunch

Whilst this is a very unhealthy habit to be in, it may seem like the only option for people with very busy schedules. Eating too fast can cause heartburn and indigestion[2] as if you are not chewing your food properly, then more stomach acid is needed to help digest it later on. Also, when gulping your food down, you will swallow a lot of air which can also cause discomfort. Apart from this, you may overeat as it take 20 minute for your food to reach your stomach and then for your stomach to tell your brain that you are full.

Afternoon Grazing

Eating while on the phone, watching TV or reading an article online is not a good idea. It is important to pay attention to your body, your hunger and how much you have actually eaten as eating absent-mindedly can be a big factor in weight gain. This is because when you are not paying attention to what you are eating it’s harder for you to realise when you are actually satisfied and full - so there is a tendency to just keep going until it’s all gone. Apart from taking more notice of what and how much you are putting into your mouth, a great way to combat this is to avoid eating directly from a package and always pre-portion food so that when your portion is finished, you’ll have to stop eating. 

Eating before Bed

Eating too much food before going to bed can reduce the quality and length of your sleep[3] leaving you feeling exhausted the next day. You should eat your last meal of the day two to four hours before you go to bed as our bodies are made to digest food in an upright position. Laying down too soon after eating could also be what causes your heartburn and ingestion as this position will allow the stomach acid to easily rise back up towards the oesophagus causing that burning feeling in the chest.

Once you realise your bad eating habits, with a little bit of attention, they are easy to combat. Once you start to eat more regularly, you should start to enjoy food and again and you will soon start to see your energy level increase as well! For all the times throughout the day when you may feel a bout of heartburn and indigestion coming along, Gaviscon Double Action will always be on hand so you can quickly get on with your busy schedule. Suitable from 12 years old. Always read the label.

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Article published 1 January 2021