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Apart from the festive season and a rare few other days though the year, your birthday is the perfect opportunity to overindulge - and here’s a rundown of all the chances throughout the day you can find yourself eating more than you might on a normal day.

Instead of the usual sleepy bowl of cereal, or even skipping breakfast for some, birthday mornings can often consist of having a nice long lay in and coming downstairs for an enormous birthday breakfast with your family, complete with a glass of fizz! Apart from the main event, no matter what you choose to eat – from eggs to pancakes - there’s also the extras to think about; a cup of coffee, a freshly squeezed orange juice and of course, an extra round of toast.

Though it’s your birthday, you might still be needed at work – but, whilst you might not want to be there on your birthday, it’s your colleagues time to shine! You could take an extra-long lunch break and spend it at your favourite restaurant. There you have the opportunity to indulge in whatever you want.

Afterwards, back at work, you could also be faced with the dilemma of a birthday cake. When everyone else has taken a slice and gone back to their desks, you’ll be left with half a cake which could prove hard to resist as the afternoon passes by.

After a morning spent with your family, and the rest of the day at work - your friends are sure to want to see you for a big night out to celebrate. Maybe you’ll eat a quick meal at home to line your stomach before meeting up and spending the rest of the evening sampling each drink on the cocktail menu.

And what is a big night out without a takeaway at the end of it? Sometimes you just need to eat something greasy to curb your cravings. Depending on what shops are nearby and what’s still open, some people fill up on chips doused in salt and vinegar or topped with melted cheese, or maybe a greasy kebab or even a whole pizza if you fancy! Anything to soothe your hunger after a long night; plus it might help with the hangover in the morning.

When you finally get home and your birthday is nearly over. Before you hit the land of now, it’d be a good idea to drink a big glass of water and take another up to bed with you as you don’t want to wake up feeling dehydrated!

Obviously, eating and drinking this much on a regular basis isn’t a healthy lifestyle to lead but on this one occasion, if you find you begin to suffer with heartburn or indigestion, then take Gaviscon. It is fast acting so you should be able to get on with your birthday and not have it ruined by acid reflux! Suitable from 12 years old. Always read the label.

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Article published 1 January 2021